Frequently Asked Questions - Students

As much as we'd like to, we probably won't be able to answer every question we receive regarding student and recent graduate opportunities at Edward Jones. However, we have compiled a list of many commonly asked questions and answers.

Internship, Co-Op and Rotational Development Program Questions

Q: Are recent graduates eligible for the Rotational Development Program, Internship or Co-Op Program?
A: You must be a senior or graduating MBA candidate to be eligible for the Rotational Development Program. For internships and Co-Ops, we seek students completing their sophomore or junior year of college.

Q: When can I apply for the Rotational Development Program and internship opportunities?
A: Rotational Development Program and Intern/Co-Op recruiting begins in the fall (late August-mid October).

Q: Do you offer headquarters internships other than during the summer?
A: Not at this time.

Q. Which divisions offer Co-Op positions?
A: Finance, Human Resources, Service and Operations currently.

Q: Does Edward Jones offer branch internships?
A: Yes. Please visit our Careers site and click on the "Financial Advisor Internship" under the "Students" tab.

Application and hiring

Q: What's the best way to apply for a position?
A: We target multiple universities for our university recruiting program. If you attend one of our target schools, please contact your school's career center for a list of dates when we will be on campus. If you do not attend one of our target schools, the best way to apply is to visit our website to view the available positions.

Q: What areas of a candidate's background do you review before he or she is hired?
A: The financial services industry is a highly regulated industry, so we must carefully review candidates prior to hire. This process includes fingerprinting, drug screening, a background investigation and a securities license check (if applicable).

Q: I have an account with another securities firm. Am I allowed to keep that account?
A: All full-time associates are required to maintain any securities trading accounts at Edward Jones. You will be required to move the account to Edward Jones or close it. This does not apply to interns or co-ops.

Q: Do you have a minimum GPA requirement?
A: Yes, the minimum GPA required is a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). We also look for students who possess strong analytical, marketing, leadership and communication skills.

Q: Why do you want to review my unofficial transcript if I'm interested in a headquarters position?
A: We consider multiple factors when reviewing a candidate's folder (major, work experience, leadership, etc.) and the transcript provides us with quantitative details about your overall education. We carefully assess our business needs in each department. Your transcript, coupled with the classes you've taken, shows our hiring team the exposure you've had to finance, communication, business, math, management, etc. It not only enhances your résumé but it is also a big help in making sure we recruit the right person for each position.

Career fair/campus visit

Q: What should I expect for the career fair?
A: Please bring an updated résumé to the fair so our representatives can immediately review it and assess your qualifications. You'll also receive an informational brochure and get a chance to ask questions about Edward Jones and our hiring process. Remember that our time for each student is limited, so come prepared and keep the conversation focused.

Q: What is an information session?
A: An information session is an opportunity for us to share valuable information about our firm. These presentations are tailored to the schools and students we're recruiting. We provide a well-rounded overview of our business and we'll discuss campus hiring and our future growth. We'll also answer any questions you may have about a particular job or division. Information sessions provide an excellent networking opportunity for students.

Q: What should I wear to a career fair, information session or an on-campus interview?
A: Remember, first impressions are very important. You should be dressed in business attire when attending a career fair. We are open to a business professional or business casual approach to our information session. For an on-campus interview and any on-site interview with Edward Jones, we expect you to arrive in professional business attire.

Q: If I don't attend one of the schools that Edward Jones visits, can I still apply for a position?
A: Yes. Please apply by visiting our website and searching for RDP and Internship positions. If you know someone at Edward Jones who will refer you as a candidate, please contact that person and ask them to do so. Remember that we have a very limited number of opportunities for our on-campus hiring but that many other divisions at the firm have entry-level positions that you can apply for upon graduation.

General questions

Q: Are all of the positions you recruit for in St. Louis?
A: At this time, the Rotational Development Program positions are hired for both St. Louis and Tempe. The Information System and Finance Co-op positions we recruit for are only in St. Louis.

Full-time headquarters opportunities are available in St. Louis, Tempe and Canada within our headquarters divisions. Nationwide branch opportunities are available for recent graduates interested in becoming a financial advisor.

Q: How much does a recent college graduate typically earn?
A: Edward Jones does not disclose salary ranges, but as a full-time headquarters associate, you will be compensated in several different ways: Salary/hourly pay, profit sharing, potential for trimester bonus, 401k match and a comprehensive benefits program. See Benefits & Compensation for more information.

Edward Jones financial advisors start with a base salary and eventually move to a net commission structure with the potential for partnership offerings. See Compensation for more information.

Q: Do I have to take the Series 7 or any other exams before coming to work at Edward Jones?
A: Most Rotational Development Program associates are required to take and pass the Series 7 & 66 exams within three months of employment. Don't panic: more than 90% of our RDP associates pass the first time because of our excellent training and support.

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