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Regional Support for New Financial Advisors

Compete with your personal best, not with your colleagues

Financial Advisors here don't feel in direct competition with one another. In fact, the opposite is true: Everyone here wishes and works for others to succeed because success for one leads to success for all.

Soon after you're hired, you'll be:

  • Assigned a field trainer with whom you'll spend time to learn and observe how a successful business is run
  • Introduced to veteran Financial Advisors from your region who volunteer to assist you throughout your initial training and beyond
  • Assigned to a Success Team of trainees, an academic leader and a veteran Financial Advisor

Field trainers guide you with veteran advice

As part of your initial training, you'll be assigned to an Edward Jones Financial Advisor who will serve as your field trainer. You'll spend time in their branch office observing how your field trainer and branch office assistant run the business, nurture prospects and service clients. This experience will also give you valuable insight into time management, prioritization skills and office administration as they pertain to the Edward Jones business model.

Level leaders coach you on growth

Level leaders are part of a team of regional Financial Advisors who volunteer their time to assist others as they enter each new level of business in their Edward Jones career. Level leaders call upon their years of experience and acquired industry and Edward Jones knowledge to train, mentor and coach you as you continue to grow your business to the next level.

Typically, you can expect to meet with your level leader(s) at least once a month, and they're always accessible via telephone and email. 

Regional support creates networks within Edward Jones

When you join Edward Jones, you'll be assigned to a region and introduced to your regional leader. Assigned by the firm's senior managers, the regional leader is a highly successful, well-respected veteran Financial Advisor who volunteers his or her time to advance the overall health and growth of their region. This includes overseeing the acclimation of new Financial Advisors to Edward Jones as well as coordinating regional events and meetings where Financial Advisors come together to share ideas and encouragement and learn from everyone else's successes.

As a Financial Advisor, you don't report to your regional leader. They aren't regional managers. They are fellow Financial Advisors who, like you, are committed to running their own ethical, profitable and professional business.

Regional camaraderie helps establish meaningful relationships among peers 

Many regional events at Edward Jones include spouses and family. Although not required, many Financial Advisors and their families often meet for both work-related events and non-work-related gatherings such as summer picnics and holiday celebrations.

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