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Michele Olshanski - Edward Jones Financial Advisor



Pewaukee, Wis.


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Master's degree in Social Work

Year Started


Michele Olshanski

Financial Advisor

How would you describe the firm's training program? How did it prepare you for success? 
I did not know what a mutual fund was, even with my father in the business. I feel the training program prepared me to understand investments, but, more importantly, how to connect with people, find out what they need and recommend appropriate investment strategies for those needs.

How does Edward Jones approach diversity?
I think Edward Jones has come a long way in recognizing that our clients come in all shapes and sizes and that our financial advisors should too.  As a female financial advisor, I feel very supported, included, and represented by Edward Jones.

What do you find most satisfying about your career?
The most satisfying part of my career is helping people recognize and reach their life goals, while helping my family and myself reach ours.

What hardships did you face getting to this point in your career?
All the same hardships any new financial advisor faces: rejection, long work days, figuring out how to structure my days and weeks to be most productive, understanding that I don't have to "know it all" and figuring out that I don't have to "do it all" either.

What value do you place on making face-to-face contact with clients and prospective clients?
The personal relationship I build with my clients and prospects that can best be done face-to-face. We build and establish a camaraderie that is unparalleled. We really get to know so much about them, beyond just their financial picture. It is powerful to meet with them regularly and in person.

Did you know much about Edward Jones prior to joining the firm?
Yes. My father started with Edward Jones when I was 14. We had to move out to the country for his office location. I didn't really know about what he did, until I realized that what we do is more about helping people than it is about money. That's when it made sense for me to move from social work into Edward Jones.

What do you enjoy most about working for Edward Jones?
Everything. I love coming to my own office. I love working with my branch office administrator. I love making my own schedule. I love being there for my clients. I love being there for my family. I love the control. I love the volunteer aspect of being a leader at Edward Jones. I love the income potential. I love sharing the joy.

What part of the job did you find especially challenging or rewarding?
When my clients actually get to retire or send a child or grandchild to college because of what we have worked to accomplish together.

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