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Jesse Abercrombie - Edward Jones Financial Advisor



Dallas, Texas


University of North Texas


Bachelor's of Business Administration in Finance

Year Started


Jesse Abercrombie

Financial Advisor

What did you do before joining Edward Jones?
I was a financial advisor with Waddell and Reed.

Why was the Edward Jones opportunity appealing to you?
It was interesting to me for a few reasons. Most importantly, I liked knowing I would be able to help clients to reach their financial goals and objectives. And the idea of having my own office was appealing.

What are the benefits to becoming an Edward Jones financial advisor?
Among the many benefits, one comes to mind right away: It's rewarding to help clients.

Describe one of your best or most memorable experiences with a client.
I'll always remember when one of my clients thanked me for all that I've done and he said he wished he had met me 20 years ago.

How does Edward Jones approach diversity?
They are doing a wonderful job with programs and awareness focused not only on reaching out to diverse financial advisors but also to everyone else.

What are the benefits of living and working in the same community?
You get a great sense of community. Clients see that you're a regular person out in the community and that you don't just wear a suit!

How would you describe the culture at Edward Jones?
Our culture is unique. Because we're a partnership, we all have a passion to see our colleagues succeed.

We're not beholden to shareholders

Because we are a privately owned partnership, we have the ability to plan for the long term without the pressure of quarterly earnings announcements.

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You'll help others reach retirement

Don't forget about your own. Understand our compensation structure and be sure to plan for your own retirement.

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We like it here. We think you will too.

Edward Jones is consistently ranked as a great place to work. We think our culture has a lot to do with that.

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