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Betsy Rush - Edward Jones Financial Advisor



Palmyra, Mo.


University of Missouri-Columbia


Bachelor's in Textile and Apparel Management

Year Started


Betsy Rush

Financial Advisor

Why was the Edward Jones opportunity appealing to you?
The opportunity was attractive because it would allow me to run a business, but with a huge support network in the field and Home Office. Also, being the best parent I can be to our two young daughters is extremely important to me, and Edward Jones understands family. I love having the ability to build my schedule around what works for my family. 

What does it take to be successful at Edward Jones?
I think to be successful at Edward Jones, you have to be driven by the goals you set for yourself. You need to determine what you want from this career and then go after it with all you've got. Focus on smaller, short-term goals in order to achieve the grand goals. Be disciplined in your daily routine and never forget doing the right thing for your clients is always the best choice. It's amazing what happens when your clients know, without question, that you're on their side.

How did your previous compensation compare with the compensation structure as a financial advisor? How was the transition?
I came from an advertising sales commission-based background, so moving into another commission-based position was not too much of a struggle. I think the compensation structure Edward Jones provides to new financial advisors is amazing. It takes the weight off in the early years. The milestone and new assets bonuses you can earn are excellent goals to reach for. I doubled my previous salary in my second year at Edward Jones. Amazing potential!

How would you describe the culture at Edward Jones?
We have a unique culture at Edward Jones. It's nice to know if I ever have a question or need a good idea another Edward Jones Advisor is a phone call away. Everyone wants each financial advisor to be successful so that the firm continues to grow. We receive fantastic support  within the region that is tailored to your level of business  whether you are just starting or a 20 year veteran.  It's reassuring to know so many people are available to help you succeed.

Did you know much about Edward Jones prior to joining the firm?
I was an Edward Jones client before becoming a financial advisor. However, I was not aware of the magnitude of the opportunity or the quality of the company before the hiring process. My Edward Jones Financial Advisor explained the opportunity, training and culture, and he guided me through the process.

If you could give advice to a new Financial Advisor, what would it be?
Stay positive. Don't let the "not interested" get you down. Know what your short-term and long-term goals are so you can celebrate your achievements. Share your goals with family, friends and other financial advisors so they can be a source of motivation.

What part of the job did you find especially challenging or rewarding?
I think the most challenging aspect of the position is finding a balance in work flow from month to month.  Senior Financial Advisors tell me it gets easier the further you get into your career. 

I find it very rewarding to help my clients plan and work toward their long-term goals. I take my time with clients to really explain how each investment works in terms and analogies they will understand. It feels great when a new client who had been investing at another firm for years  walks out of my office saying they understand more about investing then they ever have before.

Do you have any advice for other women who may be considering Edward Jones?
Go for it! It's been a dream job for me as a working mother. There is no glass ceiling, and the opportunity is huge. Determine if you have the work ethic, drive and ambition, and go after it. Have a strong support system because it will be very important as you are building your business. I have leaned on my spouse, parents, family and friends to help when needed. Because of them, my business has grown faster than I ever expected possible.

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