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Building a Business As a New Financial Advisor

Meeting people, face-to-face

Starting out, you'll spend a substantial amount of your workday out in the community you serve, making face-to-face contacts at homes and small businesses to build a book of business.

Through these quality face-to-face introductions, you'll make contacts with people who work or live in the geographic area adjacent to the approximate location of your future office. You'll take steps toward creating clients by:

  • Collecting information about the potential client's income, assets, investments and debts
  • Identifying financial products that best meet the potential client's needs and financial circumstances
  • Advising the potential client as to the advantages and disadvantages of different financial products and investment opportunities
  • Asking for the order, suggest investments that are appropriate for the particular individual. This comes only after the one-on-one interaction and a comprehensive understanding of the individual's goals

Create a reputation of personal service 

At Edward Jones, we believe in doing business the most lasting and effective way: face-to-face. As a Financial Advisor, you'll spend time getting to know individual prospective clients and their investment needs and objectives. Only after that one-to-one interaction and development of a comprehensive understanding of each individual's goals will you provide advice and recommend appropriate investments or services.

This is truly an exceptional level of personal service, and it's why we do business through local offices. Our long history of success proves that this time-honored way of doing business works for both our clients and Financial Advisors alike.

Are you up for the challenge?

This is an exciting opportunity for the right type of person. Make no mistake - this is a challenging career that requires great dedication and maximum effort.

Becoming an Edward Jones Financial Advisor demands a unique commitment of time, energy and personal drive. However, for the right person using the tools and training that Edward Jones provides, this can be a highly rewarding career both personally and professionally.

The first three years

Our experience shows that the first three years of an Edward Jones Financial Advisor career require patience, dedication and commitment - not only from the new Financial Advisor but also from his or her family and support network. Know that in the beginning, you'll probably be putting in long hours. During this time, keep your eye on your long-term goal of creating a financially rewarding career, one in which you will be able to control your schedule and make a difference in the lives of those you serve. 

Your branch location 

As we grow across the country - from smaller communities to large metropolitan markets - one reason Edward Jones continues to be successful is that our Financial Advisors are based in local offices in the communities they serve. This means we can get to know our clients personally and are able to build long-term relationships with them. It truly is a level of personal service not often seen today.

Selecting your Edward Jones office is perhaps one of the most important decisions you'll make. Your location will serve as the focal point for all your business-building efforts. You should consider areas where you will feel comfortable getting to know the local business owners and residents, and areas that will provide the lifestyle and amenities you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

Ready to apply?

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Training will match your experience

You'll have access to tailored training, based on your experience, plus advanced training to keep you current on products, practice management and industry changes.

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Our investment philosophy is rock solid

Our recommendations to clients are based on diversifying quality investments with the intent of holding them over the long-term. This never changes.

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Our work benefits our clients and communities

Our Financial Advisors actively serve clients and also volunteer for others in their communities. They find both rewarding and important.

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