Chris Rodriguez - Edward Jones Fixed Income Trader



Tempe, AZ


Westminster College


Business Administration

Year Started


Chris Rodriguez

Fixed Income Trader

What did you do prior to joining Edward Jones?
I was an office representative for a State Farm agent focused on auto, home and business insurance.

Before you came to Edward Jones, what did the name mean to you? And after you came on board?
Before I joined Edward Jones, I saw the firm as just another stuffy investment company. After I joined Edward Jones, I quickly realized that couldn't be further from the truth. The firm does its best to promote a healthy work–life balance, makes sure associate voices are heard and instills the notion that you, as an individual, are responsible for managing your daily responsibilities.

Describe your role within the firm.
I help facilitate the sale of a client's brokered CDs and ensure they are getting the best possible execution price.

Are there any memorable experiences you’d like to share that encapsulate or typify what it’s like to work for Edward Jones?
About a year and a half after I joined Edward Jones, I was asked to relocate to the Tempe campus to help train a new team of associates. It was my responsibility to figure out the best way to facilitate that training in a manner that was easy to understand. This opportunity afforded me the chance to "think outside the box" in a creative and resourceful manner while exercising my communication skills.

How do you see your future at Edward Jones unfolding?
I see a bright future ahead with Edward Jones. I currently have several milestones set for myself that will help ensure I realize that future. My leader does a good job with checking in on my progression toward those goals, and the firm does a good job providing the necessary tools and resources to assist with my endeavors.

What has the firm’s growth meant for leadership opportunities?
The firm's growth has allowed me the opportunity to be involved in several campus and firmwide initiatives. These opportunities give me the chance to network with associates and leaders across teams and divisions where we exchange ideas and generally learn something new.

Do you feel there are opportunities for advancement and greater income potential at Edward Jones?
I think there are many opportunities to advance and increase your income at Edward Jones. I feel that if you do your best at any task given to you, no matter how big or small, people will notice – and that will go a long way in proving yourself to others.

There are very few offices at Edward Jones, with nearly all the firm's leaders located in cubicles. What does this structure mean to you?
The cubicle environment truly embodies the open-door policy the firm does so much to promote. It provides an avenue for me to approach my leader It's especially prominent on the trading floor, where communication is so crucial in our day-to-day responsibilities.

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