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A Long-term Investment Philosophy

Our clients' interests come first

A Long-term Investment Philosophy

A long-term investment philosophy

Our investment philosophy - diversifying quality investments with the intent of holding them over the long-term - guides our recommendations. We believe this serves our clients well.

Helping individual investors achieve their long-term financial goals is our sole focus. It's why we don't offer everything, and we don't compete for every trade and every client. 

Freedom and flexibility

graphic-5-step-processAt Edward Jones, there are no account minimums. You choose whom to serve and how to serve them. And we provide you with an established 5-step process and an extensive platform of products and services to meet each client's unique needs.

From equities and fixed income to investment advisory programs and trust services, you'll find quality solutions for clients. Take a look at the investments and services we offer.

Choosing what to offer

The decision to offer certain products and services isn't made lightly. Our research and product review teams, along with our Investment Policy Committee, provide oversight and conduct thorough analyses to ensure each product offered is consistent with the Edward Jones investment philosophy.

Through this decision-making process, they identify the solutions that can potentially help meet the long-term needs of clients, and avoid the short-term fads that could lead to disappointment. 

The conviction to say "no" 

To us, financial security is about well-informed choices and long-term planning. Frankly, some investments and strategies don't fit our philosophy.

This means:

  • We discourage clients from owning stock priced under $4 per share
  • We don't offer options or commodities
  • Our research department typically provides research opinions only for companies that have long, stable operating histories, rather than young, unproven companies
  • We don't try to "time" the market - that's what we call gambling, not investing
  • We don't offer online trading, which often encourages frequent trading

A straightforward philosophy

We believe the best way to provide personal, individualized investment advice and services to our clients is to meet with them one-on-one, face to face, to build lasting relationships. We do business this way because years of experience have taught us it's the best way to help our clients achieve their goals. 

Our clients expect

  • A consultative, individualized approach to addressing their financial needs, including education savings, retirement planning and insurance needs
  • Individualized recommendations focused on a diversified mix of investments tailored to them
  • Personalized attention and prompt answers to financial questions and concerns
  • Face-to-face meetings, if that is preferred
  • A conveniently located branch office
  • Regular meetings, at least annually, for portfolio review and to discuss any changes in life goals
  • Clear, complete explanations of investments and recommendations

Edward Jones isn't a publicly traded company

This means we're not beholden to shareholders or committed to quarterly projections. It also means we can stay focused on what is and will always be the most important thing: Recommending quality investments that are in our clients' best interests. 

One profit center 

Financial Advisors are the only profit center at Edward Jones. There are no competing interests in the firm. That means we can focus our resources on maximizing your effectiveness in building client relationships.

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You'll help others reach retirement

Don't forget about your own. Understand our compensation structure and be sure to plan for your own retirement.

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Bonuses are always good

It's especially true when you're transitioning your practice. You'll have the opportunity for monthly bonuses during your first 12 months as you transition clients to Edward Jones.

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Our work benefits our clients and communities

Our financial Advisors actively serve clients and also volunteer for others in their communities. They find both rewarding and important.

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