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Our Approach

Our personal approach sets us apart

Our Personal Approach Sets Us Apart

Principles worth keeping. Principles worth seeking.

Edward Jones is a well-established and growing North American financial services firm with a deep cultural heritage. We believe our business model focuses on building and strengthening client relationships like no other in the industry.

We have a lot to offer Financial Advisors. Those who join Edward Jones notice a difference right away. They notice the prevailing spirit of collaboration, not competition. They notice the autonomy and sense of control over their own professional practices and lives.

What sets us apart from others in financial services?

You run your own office
Autonomy is yours. But you're not alone, because we provide you with your own branch office and branch office administrator.

We place high value on helping our clients and communities
  • Our clients always come first
  • We're involved in our communities - serving, volunteering and giving back
We're responsible to our clients and accountable to ourselves
  • As a partnership, we aren't tied to quarterly earnings reports and shareholders. Because we are privately-held, we can make decisions that focus on the best interests of our clients
  • This also enables us share the rewards with those who work for Edward Jones
Face-to-face interaction is key 
  • Our founders believed in the importance of doing business in person
  • It's why we don't send clients to a call center - we believe face-to-face interaction is the key to developing lasting relationships
We're committed to your success during your transition period and beyond
Our home office is dedicated to supporting you and offers ongoing development opportunities throughout your career to help you take your business to the next level.
We have a strong reputation built on integrity, with the most satisfied Financial Advisors in the industry
We continue to be recognized as a great place to work in national and local rankings.

Our mission

As we continue to grow as a firm, our mission remains steadfast: to help individuals achieve their serious, long-term financial goals while understanding their needs and implementing tailored solutions.

Core values

Sometimes being different is hard to explain. But not to us. We clearly know why our financial advisors are proud to work for Edward Jones.
  • Our clients' interests come first 
  • We value working in partnership
  • Individuals and their contributions are valued and respected
  • We believe in a quality-oriented, long-term investment philosophy

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We don't like to brag, but we like to share good news

Edward Jones is proud to receive regional and national awards each year. Read some of the reasons why we think you should join us.

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You'll help others plan for retirement

Don't forget about your own. Understand our compensation structure and be sure to plan for your own retirement.

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We're not beholden to shareholders

Because we're a privately owned partnership, we have the ability to plan for the long term without the pressure of quarterly earnings announcements.

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