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Your Support Network

You have the support and resources of two headquarters to answer your questions and provide assistance when you need it

As a BOA, you are the first person who clients will speak to when they call and see as they walk into the branch. You will also be responsible for updating client accounts, processing paperwork and scheduling appointments, among other responsibilities. In an effort to always provide excellent client service, there is a vast support system available to you.

Your first line of support is our JonesLink system. This intranet site is a collection of resource pages, job aids and videos to help you with your responsibilities. You will also receive tremendous support from helpful home-office associates who work in various service areas, from deposit processing to hosting a marketing event. They're here when you need them.

You will also be assigned a Development Specialist from the home office and a local veteran BOA as your mentor.

In addition, other BOAs in your region are just a phone call away, and they are willing to help you with any issues or concerns that arise. Regions are divided geographically and typically include between 40 and 70 branches. Once or twice a year, you will attend a regional meeting with other BOAs to learn about firm initiatives, gain and share knowledge, and network with other BOAs. BOA regional meetings are a great way to remain connected with the BOA network and stay informed of your region's goals and vision for the future.

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You'll get tailored training to deepen your knowledge and skills. And, our headquarters associates are here to provide the support you need, when you need it.

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