Nicki Blackford - Edward Jones Senior Branch Office Administrator



Raleigh, NC

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Nicki Blackford

Senior Branch Office Administrator

What did you do before Edward Jones?
I worked as a team supervisor for a large retail company; prior to that, the investment department of a regional bank.

How does Edward Jones compare to the companies where you previously worked?
We are a large company with a small company feel. There is definitely a feeling of camaraderie throughout.

What does it take to be a successful branch office administrator at Edward Jones?
I see the following as essential requirements: (1) The ability to relate to your financial advisor to understand what he or she expects and needs; (2) an ability to organize your thoughts and turn them into constructive actions; (3) the ability to remain calm under pressure; (4) the ability to multi-task.; and, most important of all, (5) a real desire to support and meet your clients’ needs.

Describe a memorable experience with a client that encapsulates or typifies what it’s like to work for Edward Jones.
We had a client who happened to schedule a review appointment on his birthday. We set the conference room table with Gigi's birthday cupcakes for both him and his wife, and also tied birthday balloons to his chair. Needless to say, when he walked into the conference room, he was very surprised that we had remembered his birthday! We make it a point to know our clients and remember special events in their lives. We provide professional service with a personal touch.

What kind of support do you get from the home office?
In my experience, the support from the home office has been nothing short of excellent! From the simplest to the most complicated or perplexing issues, they have always guided me through to the right solution. They are always just a phone call away.

What’s the most important part of your day as a BOA?
Greeting clients: That's where the Edward Jones experience begins! Also, finalizing and preparing for the day's appointments, and making sure that we have all the necessary components for a successful client appointment.

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