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Linda Richards - Edward Jones Sr. Branch Office Administrator



St. Louis, Mo.

Year Started


Linda Richards

Sr. Branch Office Administrator

What did you do before Edward Jones?
I was in sales/customer service for a local distributer. I have an extensive sales and customer service background.
How does Edward Jones compare to the companies where you previously worked?
Edward Jones promotes a family-friendly environment. We all look out for one another. I didn't have the "family" feel at previous jobs.
What does it take to be a successful branch office administrator (BOA) at Edward Jones?
Initiative. Don't be afraid to develop ideas and put them to work. Your financial advisor appreciates your interest in growing the business.

What is it like to work in a two-person office?
I love it! I am empowered to make decisions for our branch. It gives us the opportunity to grow a very rewarding business.
What kinds of things do you do every day to help the clients?
I listen to them. I follow through on everything to make sure I've done the things that I've promised I'd do for them. 
What kinds of things do you do every day to help your financial advisor build the business?
I make sure she's prepared for appointments. We have a quick briefing in the morning to review the day. I also tell her how wonderful she is and how lucky our clients are to have her.
Describe a memorable experience with a client that illustrates what it's like to work for Edward Jones.
We have a family that I've grown very close to as they've worked through an illness that took their mother suddenly, and then 18 months later took their father. The parents were clients as well. The four children banded together to support their father as he struggled through his illness. They leaned heavily on us for emotional support. They are so dear to our hearts, and to know that we went through all of this with them, were able to help, and had the utmost support from our company was the most rewarding experience I've had yet!
What kind of support do you get from the home office?
I've learned to never say "can't." The support that we get out here in the field is the best yet! There's always a friendly voice on the other end of the phone with ideas and solutions to our questions and challenges. We don't have "problems." If I don't know something, I can say with confidence someone at the home office does.
What's the most important part of your day as a BOA?
Knowing that my clients are taken care of. I have so many special relationships and truly feel that I do help each and every one of them in some way everyday.

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