Why Customer Service Matters in Any Career

Young man at desk on cell phone with pen and paper

We’ve all heard the expression, “The customer is always right.” The phrase is an excellent reminder to always keep customer service in mind, even if you don’t work with the public. Consistent and courteous customer service is a soft skill that’s becoming increasingly vital to the workplace, as the demand for more personal service continues growing. Take a look at a few reasons why.

  1. It builds trust - Even if you don’t work in retail or the food industry, you still have customers. Those who interact with you daily, are customers of your personal brand and your professional offerings. By providing them with a pleasant experience every time you work with them, it builds trust in your name, meaning more people will rely on you for future tasks.

  2. It builds reputation - People rarely forget a negative customer service experience. However, the same applies for a particularly exceptional experience. If you’re working with outside vendors or a partner agency, your words and actions are a reflection of your company’s brand as much as your own. Going the extra mile by adding a please and thank you, or following up without being asked shows others that you care and adds to your company’s reputation.

  3. It reduces friction - When everyone works to create a positive experience, it creates empathy for one another and reduces the number of conflicts in the office. When your colleagues or partners know you practice strong customer service, they’ll feel more comfortable bringing their issues to you for resolution. This allows problems to be solved more quickly.

Whether or not providing excellent customer service is in your job description, it’s important to keep these principles in mind. Creating a better service experience will enrich your brand and may even lead to new professional opportunities in the future.

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