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Using Social Media to Build Your Career: Ben Zuckerman

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Considering a Financial Advisor career with Edward Jones? Hear from one of our Financial Advisors about what it’s like to build a practice in the digital age.

We recently met with Ben Zuckerman to talk about his financial services practice and learn how he uses social media to build more quality relationships within his community. After watching his father build a 27-year Financial Advisor career with Edward Jones, Ben realized that he wanted to pursue a similar career path and put his professional skills to work. Now, Ben utilizes several social media platforms to stay in contact with his current clients and find new ones as well.

What’s your primary focus when using social media?

"I focus on identifying the right people to connect with. My goal is to connect with people who will be great client partners and centers of influence. I look for those ‘stars of the city’ and try to identify the folks that are making waves in their industries."

How do you build stronger client relationships using social media?

"Social media allows me to understand some history and background about who people are, where they come from and what they are into. During an appointment, our agenda can prevent me from gathering all those minor, but important details from a client. Initially, there is little time for building rapport, and that is a critical part of what we do. Social media lets me see things that I might have missed otherwise."

What is your preferred social media site and why?

"LinkedIn. It’s a professional social network where I can have engaging conversations with others that add value to my practice. I use a Facebook business page to post about community service and firm news. On both LinkedIn and Facebook, I try to convey who I am as a Financial Advisor."

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