Trust Is a Two-Way Street

Trust is one of the largest contributing factors to a successful workplace. Employers trust employees will do their jobs effectively and keep the company’s best interests in mind. Employees who trust their company’s growth and future tend to work harder and have a more positive outlook on their jobs. It’s a win-win. How can you tell if your company is trustworthy? Let’s take a look.


Trust starts with communication. Companies that respect their employees will always communicate clearly and effectively throughout the entire organization—even if it’s not always good news.


A lack of accountability often erodes trust between employers and employees. Do your leaders keep the promises they make to employees? Do they make sure internal initiatives are communicated and completed? When employers follow through on their statements, it indicates stability and confidence to their workforces and creates a more trusting environment.


Employees look to their management to set an example for how they should perform. Think about your leadership team. Would you succeed by following their lead? Do they respect you and your colleagues? Employees will be compelled to communicate clearly and follow through on expectations if they have a great example to follow.

Take a moment and consider your company’s trustworthiness. Does it meet the standards listed above? If not, perhaps it’s time to think about making a career change as we head into the new year.

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