Finding the Perfect Mentor

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To be successful in your career, it is imperative that you’re willing to ask for help.  Asking someone for guidance will take you further in your career than you could imagine. Finding the perfect mentor is a process, but following these tips will help get you on the right track.

Identify your needs 

In order to find a mentor, you must be able to identify what you want and need out of the relationship. What are your goals? Where do you hope to see yourself in five years? In what ways do you want to benefit from this relationship? Answering these questions is the first step in finding the best mentor. 

Commit yourself 

To find a mentor, you must commit to the search. Attend networking events and conferences, and reach out to industry leaders on LinkedIn. Your inquisitiveness and willingness to ask for help will not go unnoticed. 

Find someone who can offer new perspectives 

It’s tempting to find a mentor that shares the same views as you in hopes that they will offer the guidance you need. Instead, try seeking someone who can help you look at things from new a new point of view. Seeing something in a new way is an opportunity for growth. 

Realize the relationship is a two-way street 

Once you find the mentor for you, realize that, like any other relationship, effort must be made on both sides for it to be beneficial. Ask your mentor what you should be doing to get the most of their advice and ask them what they would like to get out of the mentorship, too. 

A mentorship can have a lasting impact on the mentor and mentee’s lives, if it’s done with commitment and the right goals in mind. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, check out these three great things that every mentor does.

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