4 Things to Consider When Applying for a New Opportunity

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Applying for your dream job doesn’t have to be intimidating. Use these tips to help you decide if you should apply now or take some time to improve on necessary skills or experience for the position.

Are you qualified? Do you meet at least 70% of the job qualifications? If you are confident in the relevant skills you possess, then apply. Use your cover letter to inform the potential employer why you’re interested in learning skills you may be lacking.

Is your experience a good fit? If the job you want requires more experience then you have, look at where you fall short. If you’re only one or two years short, apply — especially if you have many of the skills required.

Are your skills a match? Can you learn key skills for this position on the job or through personal learning? If you can gain these skills while maintaining strong performance at work, now might be the right time for you to apply.

Are you a good cultural fit? Applying for a new job isn’t just about skills. When it comes to searching for a new employer, it’s also important that you are a good fit with the company’s culture. Look at the company’s website or social media and talk to any employees you know that work for their company. You can tell a lot about a company’s values and culture through these sources. Before you apply, make sure this is an environment that would help you thrive.

Following these tips can help you confidently apply for the next step in your career. Take time to evaluate what skills you may need moving forward to help guide you on the right path. Exploring new opportunities is an exciting time and can open your eyes to what you want in the future.

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