The Lifestyle Change That’s Key to Career Success

Woman running in cold weather

It’s well known that exercise can have positive effects on more than just your physical health, but do you know the many ways it’s linked to career success?

There’s a reason why so many CEOs make working out a non-negotiable part of their daily routine. The lessons learned in maintaining physical fitness, such as discipline and time management, can help you achieve success in other areas of your life, including work. Here are a few other life – and career – lessons that come from working out regularly:

  1. Know Yourself - It’s necessary to identify what motivates you, as well as your end goals. Perhaps you want to be healthier in order to have more energy for your kids, or to earn that promotion at work in order to pay for their education. Understanding these desires will help you to stay driven, as well as recognize the results when your hard work starts to pay off.

  2. You Don’t Have To Go It Alone - Feel like you don’t have the necessary resources or know how to get started? Think again. Being able to ask others for support, such as enlisting a trainer or requesting more mentorship at work, can be key. Similarly, it’s important to know how to utilize online resources. Whether you want to master an advanced yoga practice or learn how to code, there’s a website, video, or app to help guide the way.

  3. Practice Makes Perfect - If you haven’t run a lap since junior high but want to finish a 5k by year’s end, it’s best to start with baby steps. The same applies to your work goals. Maybe you can’t reach the C-suite overnight, but you can certainly aim for nailing that big presentation coming up. Succeeding in seemingly small ways will give you the confidence to continue reaching for what you want.

Whether it’s being able to bench press hundreds of pounds or handle the biggest accounts, getting there is only possible through discipline and hard work. The important thing to remember: it is possible.

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