How to Leave Your Job Professionally

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The decision to leave a job is not always an easy one, but employees make these big career decisions for a variety of reasons. From hitting a glass ceiling, finding a better offer or making a big move—it happens. However, once the decision is made, the process doesn’t have to be difficult. Use these tips to leave with grace.

Inform your boss

Your supervisor should be the first person at work to know about your resignation. Schedule a meeting in advance and try not to inform anyone else beforehand. It’s better for your supervisor to hear the news from you, rather than through the grapevine.

Be transparent

It’s important to be open and honest throughout your resignation process. By maintaining transparency, you will gain respect from your employer and give them a chance to fix a possibly recurring issue. For example, if you’re honest with your boss about seeing very little room for growth within the organization, they may use that feedback to work on opportunities for other employees.

Give plenty of notice

You’re likely eager to begin your new career. However, it’s imperative that you give your employer at least two weeks' notice before leaving. By doing so, you’re not only being courteous, but also giving your employer a chance to look for a new hire to help with the extra workload.

Show gratitude

During your time at this position, you probably met a few people along the way that helped you, mentored you or simply befriended you. If you want to leave a lasting impression with these individuals, it’s important to thank them. Whether you write a simple note or take them out to lunch, a little gratitude will go a long way.

Take these steps to make a smooth transition into your new career without burning any bridges or creating any negative feelings. Are you thinking about leaving your job? Find out if it’s the right time.

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