How to Get More out of Networking Events

Let’s be honest. Some people are born with a knack for connecting. Others have to work harder at it. There are a few areas that are necessary for successful contacts with future employers. Review the points below to help increase your chances of successfully connecting.

Be Positive

In all settings, people naturally gravitate toward happy, confident people. Be one of those people. Smile. (But keep it professional. Stay clear of cheerleading.) A “can-do” attitude truly sets people apart, and it is one of the most noticeable personal traits.


Always listen while looking the person in the eye, providing the proper body language. And, always avoid interrupting the person you’re speaking with. Those who try to rush too much information into a first meeting show lack of confidence and professionalism. 

Don’t Tell Your Life Story

Stay focused on what impression you want the potential employer to walk away with. You don’t want them to remember that you have two sisters and one brother. You want them to remember you as someone who will bring value, someone who will serve clients well. Keep the discussion relevant to why they should be interested in you as a candidate.

Leave with Something

Recruiters meet smart, nice people all the time. Shaking hands and exchanging a few words is simply not enough to make a meaningful connection. Decide what you want from the exchange. What is your goal for the next step? Be intentional and specific by asking for a meeting or a good time to call the next day. And, if you need to rehearse “the ask” before an event, a mirror or friend is a good rehearsal option.

Not surprisingly, these attributes are great not only for job candidates, but also for successful Edward Jones financial advisors. These are communication characteristics that build trust, instill confidence and produce results.

If you need to improve your communication skills, consider working with a professional coach. Your communication skills will help carry you far throughout your career.

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