Don’t Overlook This Overused Phrase

Did you take a guess? There are probably quite a few words and phrases to choose from. This one is actually extremely meaningful. It is:

Drive for results!

It's a trademark of a good leader. It's also a core competency that helps predict success at any level. It can be applied on both macro and micro scales.

Basically, it helps ensure a "job" gets done and objectives are achieved. It does not sound easy because it's not. It's layered with activities and intricate planning.

Let me outline some ways to break it down.

Specifically, what can you do to ensure you are driving for results?

  • Demonstrate commitment to your team's success
  • Set high standards of performance for yourself and others
  • Delegate to facilitate work progress
  • Provide guidance and direction to others
  • Hold yourself and others accountable for achieving result

Not all of us have experience in all of these areas. So when you hit a wall with one of them, find a mentor who can give you good advice. That way, you can bridge the gaps of experience with knowledge.

Successful financial advisors are driving for results

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