From Attorney to Financial Advisor: Nanette Fahrenbruch

Pictured: Financial Advisor Nanette Fahrenbruch

Considering a Financial Advisor career with Edward Jones? Hear from some of our current Financial Advisors about the position and the career path they took to build a successful practice.

Nanette was looking for more meaning in her career than what being an Attorney provided. What she loved about it was helping people: that's what drew her to the profession. But after she helped them she didn’t get to see the good that followed. After becoming a financial advisor she was able to experience the client benefits before, after and in-between. Instead of transactional connections, she was building life-long relationships.

What were you looking for in your next career?

“I honestly thought I was just going to tough it out, I didn’t want to go back to school. I wanted to work for a company that was ethical and had a great culture. Additionally I was transitioning away from a career I worked so hard for, but when I asked myself what mattered the most to me and the value of my work, it was the people I was helping. So I looked at other companies, but when I came across Edward Jones it was the perfect fit. I liked the idea of having my own business but not having to worry about the logistics of location, real estate, etc.”

What are some talents that you carried over from being an attorney, which helped you become a successful financial advisor?

"Listening. Reading. Spotting issues. As an attorney I needed to listen really well to understand each client and spot the issues to determine if there was a case. Now as a financial advisor, I listen closely to understand client's goals and issues to determine their best investment path. The reading portion is important because you have to continue to learn and stay on top of what's happening in the industry, you need to fully understand the situation to articulate changes to your clients. Lastly, spotting issues is a huge benefit. When a client is telling me their history, I can pull out the key pieces to provide them the best help and get them on the right path."

What stands out most to you about being an Edward Jones Financial Advisor?

“The long term relationships. I wanted to make an impact and be an important part of my client's lives. Being there for them for years and years is a pretty awesome thing. Also being part of the community stands out to me; it was hard work building my business, but getting involved in the community and chambers it didn’t feel like work, it was a building relationship career."

If you're ready for a challenging yet rewarding career as a financial advisor, you can learn more about the opportunity, apply now or search our locations to connect to a recruiter near you.

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