5 Tips to Help You Market Yourself

One of the most common questions when searching for a new career is often the hardest. How do I market myself? How do I make people see the best side of me? Answering these questions up front has the potential to not only make a company remember your name, but also to make you their newest employee. Here are five tips to market yourself and improve your chances of landing a great job.

  1. Write down your strongest skills - Do you have great organizational skills? Are you a great speaker or salesperson? Maybe you are a hard worker who gives 110% at everything you do. If you want to show a company that you are the perfect candidate for the job, then you need to know what your best traits are before ever trying to convince your potential employer you are the right fit.

  2. Be prepared - The easiest way to be prepared for a meeting with a potential employer is to constantly live the way you want to present yourself in front of them. There is no guarantee that you will meet your next employer in the interview room when you are fully prepared. Some people make their initial connection with their future employers in places such as coffee shops, airports, or social events. First impressions are vital, so you should be prepared to meet your next employer at any given time.

  3. Keep your online presence professional and up to date - Use professional sites like LinkedIn to your advantage by adding skills and making connections with other professionals. It is important to monitor your LinkedIn profile and keep it up to date for potential employers.

  4. Ask for referrals - Having someone else talk about your personality and work ethic is a great tool. Start saving any communications such as emails from your boss, clients, co-workers or anyone that says anything that is positive and points out your strengths. Use your referrals as success stories when meeting prospective employers, or even add them to your LinkedIn profile.

  5. Keep in contact - One of the biggest ways to keep your name fresh in the mind of a potential employer is to send them an email or give them a call every so often. If you continue to show a company that you are putting forth the effort, even if there are no current openings, they will remember your name when it comes time to hire.

Following these tips can help you confidently market yourself and prepare you for your next step. If you’re not sure what the next step for your career is, read this article to gain a fresh perspective on your career goals.

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