4 Ways to Stay up to Date on Your Industry

No matter your career, keeping up on current industry news and trends is imperative in order to become a true expert in your field. With today’s technology, change is constant and it may feel like it’s difficult to stay informed, especially in fast-paced environments. Feeling like you need to catch up? Use these tips to stay up to date.

  1. Find a mentor or industry friend - Befriend someone in your industry and meet regularly to share knowledge, ask questions and get advice. In doing so, you’re holding each other accountable to come to your meetings with something new to share. Holding these regular chats is a great way to get a conversation going about a topic that interests the both of you.

  2. Study, study, study - There are countless online courses available to you at the touch of button. Whether you want to improve your skills directly related to the industry or touch up on your soft skills, such as leadership or problem solving—there are thousands of resources on the web. Be sure to subscribe to any relevant industry publications. For instance, in the financial services industry, you can subscribe to Investment News to receive some of the top stories to your inbox throughout the week.

  3. Get out and network - Whether you’re attending events, conferences or trainings, networking is a great way to stay on top of the happenings in your industry. It also gives you an opportunity to examine your competitors, which could be used to your advantage.

  4. Follow thought leaders on social media - By following thought leaders and prominent professionals on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you’ll gain information from some of the best in the business while skimming through your platforms throughout the day. Many of these experts also record podcasts, so be sure to look out for those, too.

Staying on top of your industry is the only way to ensure you’ll never fall behind. Interested in learning what success looks like at Edward Jones? Financial Advisor Nikki Mcllwaine recently shared how she stays on top of her career with us.

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