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Compensation & Partnership

First Year Transition
In addition to the opportunity to realize unlimited earning potential throughout your career, Edward Jones provides significant financial support during your first year, giving you the freedom you need to establish your Edward Jones business. Whether you have minimal or considerable experience, we provide compensation packages that rival any in the industry. We believe there are many reasons to bring your career to Edward Jones. A big upfront cheque with strings attached, however, is not one of them. Instead, our transition packages provide guaranteed earnings without the golden handcuffs that would contractually tie you to a new firm long term.

New Producer Transition Package
Those qualifying for this package will have a minimum of: 

  • Three years of industry experience, 
  • $15 million assets under care, and 
  • Trailing 12-month gross production of at least $150,000.

For those Financial Advisors that may not meet the production or experience criteria, you may receive a transition package tailored to your particular situation including commissions, bonuses and a salary.

Our Producer Transition Package Provides: 

  • An income guarantee based on your current assets under care (AUC) 
  • A monthly asset-based bonus during the first six months for taking care of your clients during your transition 
  • A production-based bonus that rewards gross production in year one

Each Financial Advisor is different, and we can provide you with a customized hypothetical based on your current production. For more information, please call 800-380-4517 to speak with one of our Industry Recruiters.

Milestone bonuses
Milestone bonuses are another exciting way to be rewarded for your performance. These bonuses are designed to recognize and reward the key milestones early in your career. If you perform at 100% standard or better, you will earn milestones at various points in your 2nd and 3rd year as a Financial Advisor.

Commissions based on your sales
Standard payout is 40 percent; the average payout is 38.5 percent. Your commissions will be based on the whole gross. We don't "drag" points. We don't buy bonds at 97 and show them at 98 bid, 100 retail, net 2 percent. We show those same bonds at 97 bid, 100 retail to net 3 percent. Our bond desk is not a profit centre; the only profit centres at Edward Jones are our Financial Advisors. In addition, our fixed-income inventories are real-time and online.

Bonuses three times a year
In addition to milestone bonuses, you can earn generous trimester bonuses based on the profitability of the firm and your individual branch office. Depending on your production, your bonus can make up a significant percentage of your overall compensation. We treat each trimester as an independent period so you get a fresh start every four months.

Profit sharing
Historically, 24 percent of post-bonus profit is paid out in a qualified profit sharing plan. You are 100 percent vested from day one.

Incentive travel opportunities
Superior performance is rewarded in many ways, one of which is through incentive trips. Trips are awarded when you succeed in meeting the long-term goals of your clients through diversification of their assets. There are two opportunities to earn trips each year. You also may combine the two into one “Super Trip.” Destinations include top-notch resorts in places such as Hawaii, Switzerland, the Caribbean, Africa and Paris, to name just a few. All trips include spouses and many welcome families, too.

All Financial Advisors who meet the criteria earn a trip. There is no limit on the number of Financial Advisors who can participate. We’re proud to say that, typically, more than half of our advisors qualify for each trip. Trip value typically ranges from U$3,800 to U$4,200 for two people or U$8,000 for a “Super Trip.” Please note that all trips are taxable. To qualify, all you have to do is gross $144,000 in six months.

Potential to become a partner in the firm
Edward Jones’ parent company, The Jones Financial Companies LLLP, is a partnership. You may be offered limited and/or general partnership later in your career. Partnership selection is based on your branch profitability, how well you demonstrate leadership in building a business and ethics, as well as your assistance to others in your region and in the firm. Go to here to learn more about the Edward Jones partnership and how it impacts our culture.

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A comprehensive benefits package
An Edward Jones Financial Advisor’s total return includes more than just a paycheque. Edward Jones provides access to a comprehensive package of benefits. Standard benefits, which are provided at no cost to you, include basic life insurance, basic accidental death insurance, profit sharing and tuition reimbursement.

Optional benefits offered by Edward Jones include long-term disability, supplemental life insurance, supplemental accidental death insurance, dependent life insurance, long-term care insurance, and investment savings plan.

Edward Jones is a limited partnership in Canada and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Edward D. Jones & Co., LP, a Missouri limited partnership. Edward D. Jones & Co., LP is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Jones Financial Companies, LLLP, a Missouri limited liability limited partnership.

Why Edward Jones?

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